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December 2017 Archives

Car accidents can happen to anyone

California residents or others may assume that accidents are caused by drivers with low skill levels. However, the truth is that anyone can get into an accident, and there are several common scenarios in which crashes occur. One of the most common scenarios involves drivers that fall asleep while behind the wheel. In some cases, drivers experience what is known as microsleep, where a person goes dormant for a few seconds at a time without knowing it.

Driver safety improved by automobile technologies

From people texting and driving to drunk or dangerous drivers, there are an array of risks that present themselves to people in California on the state's roadways. From crawling through congested highways to negligent drivers not keeping their eyes on the road, drivers and passengers are at risk due to others' behavior. At the same time, the situation has improved in many ways; the chances of death in a car crash have dropped significantly due to advanced safety technologies and other features that strengthen protection for people in late-model cars and other passenger vehicles.

President Trump draws attention to driving while impaired

While most California residents understand the need for personal responsibility to avoid driving while impaired, not everyone shares the sentiments. In the United States, one person dies in an alcohol-related automobile accident approximately every 50 minutes. Each one of these accidents drastically changes the lives of the family members of the victims. Every time someone gets behind the wheel while impaired, he or she risks harming bystanders, passengers in his or her vehicle and other drivers.

Truck driver drug arrests go unnoticed by trucking companies

California motorists might be surprised to learn that when truck drivers are taken into custody after being suspected of drug use, the trucking companies they work for may not be notified. Further, according to a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association, illegal drugs played factors in at least 40 percent of accidents that left drivers fatally injured in 2015.

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