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What to know after being involved in a truck crash

When accidents occur between large truck and smaller vehicles, those who are in the smaller vehicles generally fare worse than the truck drivers. An accident may occur even if drivers are operating their cars or motorcycles safely on California roadways. This is because truck drivers may be distracted, impaired or other driving in an unsafe manner. In the aftermath of an accident, it is a good idea to call 911 for help.

If a driver can get his or her vehicle off the road, it is worth doing so. Keeping roadways clear after a crash may help to prevent secondary accidents or other issues that may jeopardize a person's safety. As with any other crash, drivers should call police, exchange information and gather as much evidence as possible from the scene. This may be done by taking written notes or photographs.

After an accident, an individual should refrain from admitting fault. If another party tries to force an apology or other admissions of guilt from an individual, that person is advised to find somewhere else to wait until the police show up. In many cases, those who have been involved in a truck accident are in shock and may not even remember what happened. Therefore, those who have been in an accident are urged to instead tend to any injuries that may have occurred.

Anyone involved in a truck accident may experience significant injuries that may require hospitalization or other treatment. Although medical expenses may be significant, it may be possible to recoup those costs in a personal injury case. A financial award may also help to recover lost wages or future earnings. Cases may be resolved either through a formal trial or through the use of informal negotiations outside of court.

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