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Traumatic brain injuries can have life-changing consequences

Big rig accident injuries are often the cause of open wounds and fractured bones for which victims receive immediate treatment. However, if you have suffered head trauma, it may only become evident later. Sometimes, diagnosis of traumatic brain injury takes place weeks or even months after the injury occurred. For that reason, a medical examination immediately after any accident is essential.

A bump, blow or jolt to your head, or a penetrating injury can disrupt the standard functions of your brain. The result may be traumatic brain injuries, which could be deadly.

Classification of brain injuries

Proper diagnoses will determine the severity of your TBI. The following will explain the different classes of TBI and how they may affect you:

  • Mild: If you lost consciousness for only a brief moment or experienced only confusion and dizziness, your TBI will likely be mild -- often including concussion.
  • Moderate: Unconsciousness of minutes to hours can lead to days or weeks of confusion. Moderate TBI can cause months of physical, behavioral and cognitive impairment -- it could even be permanent. However, recovery is possible with appropriate treatment, but you might have to make adjustments to compensate for resulting problems.
  • Severe: An open head wound or a crushed and fractured skull usually cause severe brain trauma that leaves victims in hospitals for extended stays and many months of rehabilitation. In most cases, the damage will be permanent. In some cases, severe TBI can even result from closed head injuries.

Symptoms and effects of TBI

If you survived traumatic brain injuries, the effects may disappear within days or it may be long lasting. You might experience impaired memory, thinking or movement, and it might also affect your hearing and vision. Furthermore, the impact on your family could be severe because TBI often causes personality changes and even depression. The following symptoms are typical of brain injuries:

  • Physical: TBI can bring about changes in sleep patterns and result in headaches, dizziness and fatigue along with balancing problems, seizures, sexual dysfunction, loss of strength and sensory changes.
  • Cognitive: It may become challenging to make decisions and you may experience impaired thought processes, attention problems, agitation, confusion, memory loss and speech impairment.
  • Emotional: TBI can cause a roller coaster of emotions, which might include anxiety, depression, impulsiveness, irritability, bad behavior, mood swings and actions that are out of character.

If another party's negligence caused your traumatic brain injury you might have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. However, navigating the legal procedures may be challenging, and for that reason, you have the right to retain legal counsel to handle it on your behalf.

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