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November 2017 Archives

Study shows rise in car crashes after launch of Pokémon Go

Many people still remember the reports of people injuring themselves and others while playing the smartphone-based game called Pokémon Go. While the game has lost many of its millions of players since its launch back in July 2016, the danger that the game poses, especially to drivers, is still great. Residents of California should know about a study that two Purdue University professors undertook to show how the game can contribute to the rise in traffic accidents.

Traumatic brain injuries can have life-changing consequences

Big rig accident injuries are often the cause of open wounds and fractured bones for which victims receive immediate treatment. However, if you have suffered head trauma, it may only become evident later. Sometimes, diagnosis of traumatic brain injury takes place weeks or even months after the injury occurred. For that reason, a medical examination immediately after any accident is essential.

What to know after being involved in a truck crash

When accidents occur between large truck and smaller vehicles, those who are in the smaller vehicles generally fare worse than the truck drivers. An accident may occur even if drivers are operating their cars or motorcycles safely on California roadways. This is because truck drivers may be distracted, impaired or other driving in an unsafe manner. In the aftermath of an accident, it is a good idea to call 911 for help.

Thanksgiving, a day of car wrecks and heart attacks

California residents know how hectic it can get around Thanksgiving. What many don't know is that Thanksgiving day gives rise to more crashes and coronary events than any other holiday. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has stated that in 2012, there were 764 fatal crashes on Thanksgiving, compared to 654 on Christmas in that year. In addition, there were over 50,000 non-fatal accidents.

Many slip and falls caused by poor surface resistance

CNA Financial Corporation has released a study on slip and fall accidents that may make business owners in California and across the nation think twice about the safety of their floors. Researchers studied the records of all the slip and fall liability claims that were filed against the company between January 2010 and December 2016, coming to several expected and unexpected conclusions.

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