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The size of vehicles and their safety in crashes

California drivers should be aware that the size of their vehicles is an important factor in how safe the vehicle may be in an accident. Bigger vehicles are typically safer than smaller cars during a collision. This is especially the case if the collision is between a large vehicle and a small car.

When a vehicle's safety is assessed, the weight, size and structural strength and material of the vehicle are taken into account. All of these details are important factors of the vehicle's crashworthiness. Cars that weigh less than heavier vehicles do not fare well against those heavier vehicles in crashes. Vehicles that weigh more have more momentum than lighter cars, and more energy has to be spent to slow down the heavier vehicles. Individuals who are in lighter cars that are in a crash will receive more of the impact of the collision than the occupants of heavier vehicles. The passengers in lighter cars are also more likely to sustain injuries in these cases.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the fatality rates for the lightest and smallest vehicles are two times the rate for the heaviest and biggest vehicles. This is even as the IIHS states that vehicles are safer than they were before. Even though a vehicle receives favorable crash test results, it does not automatically mean that its passenger will be safe during an accident. Using crash tests to determine the safety of a vehicle in collisions with larger vehicles is a relatively recent development.

A personal injury attorney may assist clients injured in car accidents with holding the negligent parties financially responsible. The attorney may pursue financial damages against people who were driving drunk or distracted. Compensation may be sought for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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