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The dangers associated with driving at night

Most California drivers are aware that night driving can be particularly dangerous due to the unique set of dangers they may face. As such, they should always practice safe driving techniques no matter where and when they are driving.

Night blindness is one of the many reasons driving at night is more dangerous. This condition, which is also known as nyctalopia, makes it more difficult to see hazards when the light is poor. Certain eye conditions, such as cataracts, can make night blindness even more of a problem for some drivers when driving at night, so they should schedule a visit with their eye doctor if they have trouble seeing. Even if drivers do not suffer from night blindness, they may still have problems with decreased visibility due to the lack of light. At night, drivers should slow down and leave more room between vehicles.

Drunk drivers are also more likely to be on the roadways at night, particularly on weekend nights. Drivers should stay alert and expect others around them to drive unsafely. Finally, construction crews often use cool nights to their advantage when working on the roads. Drivers should keep a lookout for construction zones and decrease their speed when driving past construction workers.

Even when drivers stay alert and drive safely at night, they could still become involved in car accidents if other drivers fail to follow the rules of the road or stay alert. Those who were in an auto accident may be eligible to seek compensation from the liable driver for their medical expenses and other damages, such as loss of income. A personal injury attorney may work directly with the insurance company to obtain compensation. In the event that the insurance company fails to accept liability or refuses to pay the full amount in compensation, the attorney could take the case to court.

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