Standing Up For Injured Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists are often mistreated on the road, as drivers of cars and trucks fail to respect their rights or even notice them at all. If you suffered an injury on the road, you shouldn't have to also suffer a financial injury in the legal system. You deserve compensation for your losses and an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you maximize your recovery.

I am Andrew E. Bakos, Attorney at Law, a personal injury lawyer handling motorcycle accident injury claims for clients in Sacramento and throughout surrounding areas.

The Perils Of The Road

Motorcyclists have every right to the road as drivers of cars and trucks, but those rights are not always respected.

If you ride a motorcycle, you understand the dread of facing a left-turning car when you have the right of way. Oftentimes, the driver of the car claims to have not seen the motorcycle at all. This is no excuse. If you were injured in a motorcycle crash caused by another person's negligence, you have the right to pursue compensation for medical bills, wage loss, bike repair or replacement and other losses.

Motorcycle accident injuries are often severe, including fractures, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, "road rash," and more. All too often, these injuries prove fatal.

I understand what you are going through and am here to provide you with the skilled legal representation you need. Insurance companies thrive on limiting and denying compensation to victims of motorcycle crashes and other motor vehicle accidents. Having practiced personal injury law since 1990, I know how to make them pay.

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